Groundwater Week 2017 is being designed to provide both educational and networking experiences to all who work in the groundwater industry. Every opportunity to maximize the foundations of groundwater science with water supply, resource protection, and remediation will be applied to this premier groundwater event. There will indeed be something for everyone involved in groundwater at some point during this week. We learn best from each other and thus we invite you to share your research, technology transfer, unique applications, and experience in one of a variety of options in Nashville.

Submissions are being sought for all of the following types of educational opportunities and activities, and must be made online via our content management system by April 28, 2017.

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Activity areas — located within the exhibit hall, presentations will be scheduled Wednesday and Thursday. Hands-on experiences should be designed for a 25- to 30-minute period.

Workshops — held on Tuesday, as well as limited times on Wednesday and Thursday, workshops are allotted 60 minutes inclusive of question-and-answer periods and should be designed with learning objectives in mind. Workshops must be noncommercial in nature and oriented toward technology transfer or skill enhancement.

Outdoor demonstrations — tentatively planned for Friday, demonstrations must portray skills and competencies appropriate for those working in the groundwater industry. (Note that it is up to the submitter to select an appropriate site in an area within a 20-minute or less drive from Music City Center.)

Short courses — these “stand-alone” noncommercial course may be one or two days in duration and will be scheduled for Thursday and/or Friday. These courses must contain learning objectives that can be achieved in the allocated time.

Field trips — tentatively planned for Friday, these “free-standing” field trips should pertain to groundwater research or application, or water supply in some manner. Ideally the site should be within one-hour’s drive of Music City Center and the activity planned to last four to six hours.

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