Attendees of the Keynote Session at 2017 Groundwater Week will go on a tour through music history as John Carter Cash, the only child from the marriage of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, will deliver a presentation filled with classic music and stories about his family.

The 60-minute show, “House of Cash: A Historical and Musical Journey with John Carter Cash,” will take people on a musical journey through the Cash and Carter family history. Along with his wife, Ana Cristina Cash, and backing band, The Daeger Boys, John Carter tell personal stories about his mother and father while playing many of the classic hits known around the world.

John Carter paints a personal portrait of his father’s rich inner life when discussing him. He explores Johnny Cash’s creative spirit, his fundamentally loving nature, and his inspiring persistence. Also discussed are the nature of creativity, the responsibilities that come with fatherhood and friendship, the need for humility and morality, the value of reading, and the obligation we all have to sympathize with the downtrodden.

Involved in music all his life, John Carter is an accomplished and award-winning record producer. He has produced hundreds of records by dozens or recording artists and been the producer on five Grammy Award-winning records. He is also an author who has written three children’s books, books on his mother and father, and a fantasy novel.

“The groundwater industry is full of family-owned businesses with a deep and rich legacy, which makes John Carter Cash a perfect match to speak at our event,” said David Evener, CAE, NGWA director of marketing and technology. “From his father and mother Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, to his grandmother Maybelle Carter, Cash’s Nashville music roots run deep just like just like the roots our members have in the groundwater industry.”